(Article 1, paragraph 2, letter C) Italian Law 431/98)

Mrs. Petra Giacone domiciled in XXX,
hereinafter “the landlord”, co-owner of property XXX, located in XXX, hereinafter “the Villa”.


to Mr./Mrs. XXX
domiciled in XXX

hereinafter “the tenant”, property XXX composed by n. X rooms, also with the following accessories: XXX, duly furnished as described in the separate list that will be at the property,

under the following terms and conditions:

1. The rental period runs from check-in date to check-out date and the contract will end without need of any formal notice from the landlord.
Check-in will be after 4 p.m. and check-out strictly at 9 a.m.
The tenant has to inform the landlord about the time of arrival to arrange the keys delivery. According to following artt. 4 art. 10, before receiving the keys, the tenant will deliver to the housekeeper the sums therein indicated.

2. The property XXX must be used by the tenant just for tourist living purposes.

3. The total rent due by the tenant amounts to rental cost which includes the lump-sum for costs of utilities and final cleaning.
The rent is all inclusive except:
– tourist tax: 1.50€/day/person for the first week. Children under 12 do not pay (for Villa LisiDor/Villa PetrAlexa)
– extra-charge of Euro 20,00/15,00 per day for heating in case it is requested on site (for Villa LisiDor/Villa PetrAlexa)
– extra for air conditioning charged by consumption (for Villa LisiDor/Villa PetrAlexa/Villa EnriMar).
– extra-charge of Euro 15,00/cubic meter for firewood in case it is requested on site for Villa LisiDor/Villa PetrAlexa/Villa EnriMar).
– extra-charge of Euro 50,00/week in case of pets (Villa EnriMar).
All to be paid cash onsite.

4. By signing this contract, the tenant pays to the landlord the amount of XX, as earnest according to article 1386 Italian Civil Code.

5. The balance (XX) of the rent and the related charges shall be paid by the tenant in advance no later than 21 days before the date of arrival.
If the tenant fails to pay the due balance within the above time scheduled, the landlord will be entitled to terminate the contract on tenant’s liability and to retain the earnest.
If the contract is signed within a period of less than 30 days before the date of arrival, upon the signature of this contract, the tenant must pay the total amount of the rent and the related charges.

6. Payment must be effected by bank transfer in favour of:

• Bank: XXX
• PayPal: XXX
• Credit card

The costs related to any possible bank fee/cost must be borne by the tenant.
If the time scheduled and/or conditions above mentioned are not respected, the contract will terminate on tenant’s liability.

7. In case tenant withdraws from the contract, the landlord will be entitled to retain the earnest or the total rent if already paid.

8. The tenant undertakes to respect the landlord instruction, that he will find in the property.
The tenant will lodge to the housekeeper the lump sum of XX Euros, as deposit.
Within 2 hours from the arrival to the property the tenant must send, if any, remarks about the cleaning of the house and, within 24 hours from the arrival, any other remarks, if any. If reports are not made within these scheduled time, the defects and deviations will be deemed caused by the tenant. The amount paid as deposit is returned by the housekeeper to the tenant on the departure day, after that the housekeeper has ascertained the good conditions of the property and its furnishings and appliances; any loss or damage caused to the property, furniture and accessories will be retained from the sum given as deposit. If the amount of damages will be higher than the deposit, the tenant must pay the difference.

9. At the end of the period of rental, the tenant must deliver the house in a reasonable state of cleanliness. In particular, the tenant undertakes to respect the following rules:
• Collect bed linen and towels in one spot.
• Run the dishwasher and return dishes, cups, and utensils to their proper place.
• Take away all the food.
• Bring all trash to the dumpster.
If, for any reason, this five points are not respected, a cleaning fee of 50 Euro shall be deducted from the breakages deposit, in order to pay for extra help with cleaning.

10. The tenant declares that n. XX persons will sleep in the property.
People not mentioned in the booking agreement are considered third-parties: for this reason their accommodation and stay in the property is strictly forbidden. Any change in the total number of guests must be booked in advance of n. 7 days. Furthermore, the number of people may not exceed the maximum number of beds of the house, under penalty of termination of the contract for misconduct of the tenant. The presence, even occasionally, in the house, of a number of people staying overnight higher than the agreed will cause the termination of the contract according to Article 1456 Italian Civil Code and the tenant will be bound to pay to the landlord a sum equal to the full amount of the agreed rent as compensation for the damages, according to Article 1382 Italian Civil Code, without prejudice for any further damages if any.

11. The tenant undertakes to use the property and all its appliances and accessories with the utmost care and caution.

12. The tenant will be responsible for any damage occurred to the rented assets because of a lack of careful or due diligence.

13. The present contract cannot be assigned by the tenant. It is also forbidden to the tenant to sub rent or give on loan the property, either in whole or in part, and, in case, this will cause the termination of the present contract on tenant’s liability.

14. The tenant must pay the full amount of the rent even if, during the period of rental, he should not employ the property at all, or he should employ it only partially.

15. The tenant releases the landlord from any kind of liability for direct or not direct damages, including the non-enjoyment of property, occurred to him or to a third party by the use of the rented assets.

16. The tenant also releases the landlord from any kind of liability in case of interruption of services and eventual nuisances caused by a third party.

17. The landlord or the housekeeper will be free to visit the house during the period of the rental behind grounded request.

18. Any change to the provisions of this contract must be approved in writing by both parties.

19. The present contract is ruled by the Italian Law.

20. Any dispute arising out from this agreement, will be referred to the Court of Genoa.

The Tenant specifically approves the following clauses under Articles. 1341 and 1342 Italian Civil Code: 2,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,14,15,16,17,18,20,21,22.-