Hello from Petra and Alexa!
We both live in Genoa (north Italy) and manage our parents properties:

Villa LisiDor, Villa PetrAlexa, Villa EnriMar have been our secret places where we spent our regenerative holidays in marvelous natural settings away from daily chaos.
We have preserved them jealously, putting all our loving care to make every home always more comfortable, unique and unrepeatable.

Our father Enrico, who was an architect, grew up in a wine region where his parents made wine for delight and private consumption.
He then undertook his carrier of architect, but the thought and passion for wine was always there…
He became tired of the chaotic city life and stress, so he decided to buy Fattoria La Mandria (which is just next to Villa LisiDor and Villa PetrAlexa) and started producing Chianti Classico wine. We all loved the way of life of this land and the contact with nature and the unstressed people living here.
When he became older and decided to sell the wine company, he kept a little piece of it: this little ‘piece’, which was the residence of the farmers working for Fattoria La Mandria, is now called Villa LisiDor.

Villa LisiDor is more or less 200 years old; originally it was a farmhouse and the outside large oven was used to make bread for all surrounding houses. The interior configuration has been preserved since nowadays.

Being an architect, he then built Villa PetrAlexa, which originally was the antic barn of Villa LisiDor.
Villa EnriMar is where we spent our summer school holidays as kids playing all day long with friends in the pool, tennis court and large garden and enjoying the beautiful nature of this remote area of the island.

Not a long time ago we decided to share them with people who, as we do, love nature, the tradition of simple things and appreciate the care for every little detail, typical of a domestic management.
We love to know when people from foreign countries come and appreciate our beautiful land and feel at home when they
stay in our villas: that’s our greatest satisfaction!

We are here to assist you in making that possible whether celebrating a honeymoon, family reunion, friends’ reunion or a much needed vacation!

Our villas are your home away from home and waiting for you!

Feel free to contact us any time.

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